Spina Bifida and Fertility

Q: Can you provide information about the connection between continence and sex?

A: The two are inseparable because the same nerves that control urinary function also control sexual function. Therefore, if one has poor sensation, the other will also. It is very important to have an understanding partner and to communicate clearly about the possibility of urine or stool leakages during sex. Decrease the risk by emptying your bladder and bowels beforehand. This should take care of most of the urine and stool at risk for being accidentally released during sex. In case there is some leakage during sex, have a moist towel nearby to wipe it away. For more information, review SBA’s health information sheets on women’s and men’s health issues.

Q: Can a person with Spina Bifida produce children?

A: YES. Most people with Spina Bifida are capable of producing children. However, there are considerations that should be addressed. In men, one important consideration is erectile dysfunction (ED) due to poor sensation or blood supply in the penis; and the challenge associated with ejaculating sperm effectively to reach the female egg. For more information, review SBA’s health information sheets on women’s and men’s health issues.