Walker Tips and Tools

First and foremost, Walk-N-Roll® for Spina Bifida is a fundraising event created to raise awareness of Spina Bifida, support the prevention of Spina Bifida, and raise necessary funds for programs and services for those affected by Spina Bifida. In order to help you reach your personal and team fundraising goals, the Spina Bifida Association (SBA) provides participants with a number of helpful fundraising tips and tools:
  • Donation record: Some donors prefer to make cash or check donations. To be sure you are properly credited for their donation and that they receive the appropriate tax information, please fill out a donation record for every donation you collect offline. An offline donation is any donation you receive that is not made online. Mail offline donations to the Chapter office affiliated with the Walk-N-Roll you are participating in.

Getting Started Fundraising
Here are some basic fundraising tips to get you started, but don't limit yourself — be creative and remember, if you don't ask, they won't donate!

  • Start early. The earlier you start fundraising, the more money you will raise. Getting organized, creating lists, developing a schedule, and customizing emails takes time. By getting a head start on these various activities, you will have a longer window to solicit donations.
  • Set a challenging but attainable fundraising goal. It's best to set a 'stretch' goal — one that is challenging to attain, but not impossible. As you come close to reaching your goal, set it higher to avoid a situation in which prospective donors decide not to donate because you've already reached your stated goal. For returning participants, this year's goal should be a step up from the total you raised in previous years.
  • Join a team. There is a certain level of camaraderie and friendly competition that can only be experienced as part of a team. Teams aren't for everyone, but there is something to be said about power in numbers!
  • Contact everyone you know. Don't limit yourself to your personal email address book as this does not represent the complete universe of potential donors. Names from clubs or organizations you belong to (e.g., a running club, a church congregation) can also be added to the list. Reach out to anyone who might donate—you'll likely be surprised by who will make a donation.
  • Utilize the online tools provided. When you register online for Walk-N-Roll for Spina Bifida, you automatically receive a personal Web page, which is designed to support and personalize every aspect of your fundraising. When you log into My HQ, you'll see a variety of features to help you fundraise for Walk-N-Roll. Be sure to customize your page and utilize the online donation and email systems.
  • Create a schedule for email communications. The schedule should include target dates for a series of emails, which you can find as templates in My HQ.
  • Use social media. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, and YouTube are a great way to increase donations. Using status updates and tweets to link to your personal fundraising Web page, you can subtly encourage your friends and followers to make a donation. Social media is a great way to stay in front of people without making a 'hard ask.' Learn more about using social media.
  • Ask, ask, and ask again. In addition to sending emails and using social media to link to your personal Web page, don't forget to ask at every possible opportunity. In person or via phone calls, mention your participation in Walk-N-Roll, your fundraising progress and your goal. Give people the opportunity to donate, but leave the ultimate decision up to them.
  • Get creative. There are an infinite number of creative ways to encourage people to donate, including hosting a community fundraising event. This is a fun and time effective way of reaching a large group of people without having to personally ask for a donation.
  • Stay focused. Remind yourself why you registered for Walk-N-Roll and how the dollars raised will enable the Spina Bifida Association to help others. Attending event gatherings or checking in periodically with fellow fundraisers will provide inspiration for new fundraising ideas.
  • Remember to say Thank You. After the event, reach out to your donors and thank them again personally for their generosity. The thank you note should also include information about Walk-N-Roll (including a photo of you at the event), the total amount you raised, and a reminder of how your donors' contribution will help the cause.

Fundraising Tips and Ideas
Our motto is Ask, Ask, Ask. You will never know who will support you unless you give them the opportunity. Use the tools available in My HQ - email templates, sample request letters and thank you notes - to streamline the process even more. Every individual that fundraises $100 by Walk Day receives a commemorative Walk-N-Roll for Spina Bifida t-shirt!

Fundraise $100 in 5 Simple Asks
Ask 1 - Put in your own $20 donation
Ask 2 - Ask your spouse for a $20 donation
Ask 3 - Ask your supervisor for a $20 donation
Ask 4 - Ask your co-worker for a $20 donation
Ask 5 - Ask a friend for a $20 donation

Fundraise $1,000 in 10 days just by asking!
Day 1: Sponsor yourself for $50.
Day 2: Ask two family members for $50.
Day 3: Ask 10 friends to contribute $20.
Day 4: Ask five co-workers to contribute $20.
Day 5: Ask five neighbors to contribute $20.
Day 6: Ask 10 people from your church/temple to contribute $10.
Day 7: Ask your boss for a company contribution of $50.
Day 8: Ask five businesses or companies to sponsor you for $40.
Day 9: Ask four businesses that you frequent to personally contribute $25.
Day 10: Send out personal thank you notes.

Take It to the Office

  • Your place of work can be an opportunity to reach more people, and they're often a captive audience. Let people at work know what you're doing and enlist their help. Be sure to check with your HR department about any policies regarding fundraising at the workplace.

  • Just ask! Your company might be happy to donate towards your fundraising goal in addition to matching gifts.

  • Include your co-workers in your email or mail solicitations. Set up a small display to generate interest -- hang Walk-N-Roll for Spina Bifida flyer in a prominent place.

  • Host a lunchtime meeting and do a presentation about Walk-N-Roll for Spina Bifida and your commitment to the cause. If you need assistance with your presentation, contact our staff at 800-621-3141 or email mnethercutt@sbaa.org or blong@sbaa.org.

  • Place donation forms on your desk, in the break room and reception area. Is there a place for a donation jar? Spare change adds up — EVERY penny counts!

  • Hold a bake sale or chili cook off. Ask your co-workers to bring in items and sell them for donations.

  • Ask your company to sponsor a "jeans day." Participants can dress down for a $5 or $10 donation.

  • Hang up a thank you poster listing the names of co-workers who have made donations.