Meet Cheryl Brose

Meet Cheryl Brose
Cheryl has worked as a Health Unit Coordinator for 23 years, but has always made time for recreation with her husband Charlie and two dogs. Over the years Cheryl has been active in hand cycling, bowling, basketball, softball, and floor hockey, and has participated in several marathons.

Changing It Up
I like to keep it interesting, so I’ve been involved in a lot of different sports. In the 80s I played wheelchair basketball for about 10 years and then took a 10-year break. I bowled on two different leagues until a surgery set me back a bit. And I ride when I can—mostly on weekends. It takes some time to get on and off the hand cycle, so when I go I want to be able to ride for two or three hours. In the winter I bring the bike inside and put it on a trainer that provides resistance, allowing me to exercise when the weather is bad.

Finding the Balance
I think it’s important to make time for recreation. I enjoy my job, but I need time to play too. Organized programs like a bowling league or floor hockey team hold you accountable and get you moving when you might otherwise not feel like it. I’ve done several organized rides—the longest was 60 miles. And I’ve participated in marathons—three times in Des Moines and once in Rochester. Sometimes I ride with friends from work, and I also belong to a riding club at Courage Center, a resource in Minnesota for people with disabilities.

Giving to Others
My husband and I, along with some friends from high school, started a sports program for people with disabilities at the Courage Center. There are usually 20 to 30 people involved in the program. Charlie refs and I play. My involvement keeps me physically active, but it keeps me socially active too. Often we’ll go out to eat with teammates after a game.