Meet Tyler Hayman

Meet Tyler Hayman
When Tyler Hayman was born in 1993, he was diagnosed with Myelomeningocele, leaving his mom confused and overwhelmed. Just like many parents, she had concerns and anxieties about the challenges he might face. Little did she know at the time that she brought a hero and an inspiration into this world who would set a new standard in competition, drive and stamina leading him to Eagle Scout rank, the highest advancement in Boy Scouts of America.
His mom decided Boy Scouts would be a good way for Tyler to develop a strong character, and at six years old, he entered scouting as a Tiger cub with Pack 130 in Catoosa, Oklahoma.

She says, “At first he was reluctant. Tyler doesn’t like to do anything that he isn’t sure he will be successful at.” But in taking a chance, Tyler began the program and with every merit badge awarded, he gave 100 percent. And his diligent efforts have certainly paid off.

While a Cub Scout, Tyler earned his World Conservation badge which provides an opportunity for individuals to "think globally" and "act locally" to preserve and improve our environment. He also received many different activity belt loops which are awarded to scouts completing the requirements in an academic subject or sport.

Earning more than 16 activity badges and two compass points as a Cub was a result of a firm partnership between mother and son. His mom has been there on all of Tyler’s campouts and jokes that by now all of the fathers are used to her. Even the bears and rats that she encountered yield territory to her.

In 2004, eleven-year-old Tyler bridged into Boy Scouts of America as a member of Catoosa Troop 301. Typically, Boy Scouts modify activities such as swimming, lifesaving techniques, and backpacking for those with disabilities, but Tyler said ‘no way’ to having the program altered to fit his needs. He wanted to participate on a level just like everyone else.

His Scoutmaster continues to be impressed at his determination to complete a task. His mom says, “Most of the boys don’t see him as having a disability, and he never complains about being tired.” He refuses to say “I can’t.” In fact, she has had to tell the Scoutmaster when he is tired.

During his five-year tenure as a Boy Scout, Tyler has earned 32 merit badges. He has recorded over 50 nights camping, and provided 115.5 hours of community and conservation service.

Tyler also earned his mile swim and snorkeling badges and been called out at summer camp for the Order of the Arrow, Scouting’s National Honor Society.
Tyler’s Eagle Scout project consisted of raising all of the money to install four basketball systems in the parking lot of the First Baptist Church of Rolling Hills in Catoosa, OK so the youth in the neighborhood would have a place to go and get off the streets.

In August 2009, Tyler was awarded his Eagle Scout Award, the highest honor in Boy Scouts and only given to 4 percent of boys who enter Scouting. He will remain in the Boy Scouts for the next two years until he turns 18.

As a single mom for the last ten years, the road to Tyler’s Boy Scouts’ success hasn’t been easy for his mom, but it has been rewarding. To see Tyler continue to push himself to attain higher goals is worth it. Amidst numerous surgeries that Tyler has undergone throughout his life, the mother and son team soldier on.

Tyler graduated from Catoosa High School in May 2011. He is a proud member of the Catoosa High School Marching Band and plans to pursue his dream of becoming a broadcast journalist after graduation.