Roman and 4b4the4th

“When we found out about Roman’s Spina Bifida, it was two weeks before my delivery date. I LIVED in front of the computer after that day. The way I saw it, I had two weeks to prepare myself, my husband and our 2 year old daughter for an event that would change our lives forever.  And I found a lot of information on SBA’s website.

As many of you know, living with Spina Bifida is unpredictable, it's an emotional roller-coaster, it’s 10 surgeries before his 2nd birthday, it's messy and it's scary at times. But it's the life handed to us. I don't have time to get caught up in the "why me" and "how come" and the "I can't do this."  I can’t change the fact that Roman has Spina Bifida, but I can advocate, and I can educate, and I can spread the word, and I can raise money for an organization that provides FREE services for my family, and for yours.

That’s what 4b4the4th has done for our family – it has given us an outlet to share information about Spina Bifida, and share Roman’s story, and it has given us an opportunity to give back to an organization that we have come to rely on.  It is such an easy way to give back – asking friends for $4 donations.  I did it last year and was bummed that I didn’t win, so this year I put all of my efforts into it!  And I’ve enjoyed the entire experience!”

-Erica Hoke Potter, Top Team Captain for 4b4the4th Campaign. Raising over $10,000.

In total, the 4th Annual 4b4the4th Campaign raised over $56,000 to enhance SBA programs and services. To learn more about how to get involved in the 2013 campaign, click here.