I am…a Friend

Welcome! Supporting a friend with Spina Bifida can be scary, especially if you don’t fully understand what their condition means to their daily life. Your initiative to find out more demonstrates a very special friendship.
These resources may provide more insight into your friend’s condition:

  • What is Spina Bifida?: This fact sheet can provide you with the basics on Spina Bifida, including what it means and how it occurs.
  • Abigail’s Story: This insightful video gives you a little more insight into daily life with Spina Bifida from the perspective of a family who navigates it each day.

What can you do to help? Learning about Spina Bifida is a great first step but helping your friend to celebrate this part of their life might also be something you are interested in. These programs provide excellent ways to show your support for the Spina Bifida community: