SBA Staff

The SBA National Office can be reached at 800-621-3141.

Name (Ext.)



Mark Bohay (ext. 22)

National Director of Communications
& Outreach

Glenrae Brown (ext. 19)

Director of Finance and Operations

Breanne Long (ext. 31)

National Manager Chapter Development
& Walks

Joseph Martin (ext. 24)


Elizabeth Merck (ext. 23)

Director of Development

Mary Nethercutt (ext. 20)

National Chapter Development
& Walk Director

Juanita Panlener (ext. 35)

National Resource Center Manager

Lisa Raman (ext. 11)

National Director of Clinic & Patient Services

Sara Struwe (ext. 12)

President & CEO

If you would like more information about Spina Bifida Association and the services we provide, please use the contact us at:

Spina Bifida Association
P.O. Box 17427
Arlington, VA 22216

Phone: (800) 621-3141 or (202) 944-3285
Fax: (202) 944-3295

General Inquiries: