Education Days FAQs

Why did the Board decide on multiple education days for 2013 instead of a National Conference?
In 2013, SBA is celebrating its 40th year of service. The Board is committed to finding ways to bring the great education, resources, and support to more people in the Spina Bifida Community. By holding affordable educational opportunities in multiple areas of the country, it is our hope that more people will be able to take advantage of them.

The National Conference is one of the most important things SBA does and a tradition for this organization. How will Education Days be better?
Education Days are not intended to “better” or “worse” than the National Conference – but rather an entirely different, more streamlined educational opportunity that SBA is offering to its constituents. While we frequently hear that the National Conference is an amazing, and sometimes life-changing, experience for the attendees, the reality is that only 1,000 people a year at most attend. We need to find ways to reach the other 165,000 in the U.S. who would benefit from this vital education and support. We hope that this format will allow many, many more people to attend because education days will be held in locations that are convenient to more in our community. And, at $35/person the cost will be significantly reduced for this streamlined agenda. 

And, for those who love the experience the National Conference offers, it will be returning on a biennial basis in 2014.

How do I register for an Education Day location?
Registration for the Education Days can be done in one of two ways: online or by downloading the registration form and sending it to us. Space in some locations is limited so advanced registration is highly recommended.

Who will be speaking at the Education Days?
As soon as they are finalized, we will provide each of the agendas for the Education Days under its location. However, because they are taking place throughout the year, they may not all be available at once. SBA’s Professional Advisory Council is working very hard to build each location’s agenda around the unique expertise of the local medical professionals as well as blending in other wonderful speakers. While each day will be a unique experience, they will all cover the major areas of Spina Bifida care.

The National Conference has been my opportunity to interact with friends in the Spina Bifida community. Will I still meet other people living with Spina Bifida and their families during the Education Days?
Education Days will offer the same opportunities to meet with others and learn from one another and from a positive perspective, many of these friends will be living closer to your own home  So it doesn’t need to be a once a year thing. And for those of you who love to travel, because registration for all of the education days will open at the same time, you and your friends can decide on an event and location that works for you and create your own trip around it.

Will childcare be available during the Education Days?
Due to space constraints only some sites will offer child care.

Will there ever be another National Conference?
Yes. We recognize the opportunity to celebrate the great fundamentals of the organization – education and support – on a national level is a unique opportunity. The National Conference will return in 2014 and will be held every other year subsequently. We know that change is hard - and this is a big change - but we truly believe it can make a difference to so many more members of our community.

Still have questions? Email us at and we will do our best to find you answers!