National Resource Center

SBA’s National Information and Support Center (NISC) is the only service in the United States exclusively dedicated to addressing your questions about living with Spina Bifida. Whether you have Spina Bifida; recently learned that you are expecting a child with Spina Bifida; are a parent, family member, caregiver or other loved one of a person with Spina Bifida; or provide care or community services to people with Spina Bifida, the NISC can help you:

  • Find the closest SBA Chapter or support community
  • Identify the nearest Spina Bifida clinic or center of care
  • Find local support agencies and services
  • Submit complex health-related questions to specialists in Spina Bifida care
  • Find information to address learning and health challenges in the school environment
  • Identify health fact sheets
  • …And more!