Clinical Care Meeting

June 4-5, 2021


The Spina Bifida Clinical Care Meeting is an opportunity for health care professionals serving the Spina Bifida community to network, partner, and collaborate. Attendees will learn about SBA’s Collaborative Care Network, the latest research, SBA priorities, and care processes of importance to people living with Spina Bifida.

The event will consist of plenary sessions that all participants will attend, followed by a series of breakout sessions that attendees can choose from.

“I’m excited for Spina Bifida health care professionals, leaders from Spina Bifida chapters, and scientists from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the health care community, to come together with the Spina Bifida Association to network and to learn about processes of care that are important to the care of people living with Spina Bifida. The attendees at this meeting represent those who compose the Spina Bifida Collaborative Care Network, a network working together to improve the care and outcomes of people with Spina Bifida.” – Judy Thibadeau, RN, MN, National Director of Research and Services, Spina Bifida Association

Who should attend?

Clinicians who treat people with Spina Bifida and SBA Chapter leaders are welcome to attend this informative meeting where you can get updates on best practices and network with the top experts in the field.

Where will the meetings be held?

Virtually in collaboration with Children’s Hospital of Philadephia.

When is the event?

Friday, June 4, 11AM to 4:45PM EST
Saturday, June 5, 11AM to 2:45PM EST

Are CME’s and CEU’s offered?

Yes, both will be provided.

Cost to attend?