Clinical Care Meeting


Spinal Deformity Treatment in Children with Myelomeningocele-the BCH Experience – Lawrence Karlin, MD
Boston Children’s Hospitals Successes and Challenges – McNamara -Erin R. McNamara, MD, MPH
Improving Care Coordination and Integration for People with Spina Bifida And their Families – Shannon Bevans, MSW, Rhonda Cady, PhD, RN, Sierra Smith, Jenetta Thomas, RNII, BSN, MPH, CPN
How to Integrate Neuropsychology into You Spina Bifida Clinic – Jennifer T. Queally, PhD
How to Present your SB Program to Get What You Need – Hans G. Pohl, MD
Sexuality and Reproductive Health in People Living with Spina Bifida – Courtney Streur, MD, John Wiener, MD Linda Long-Bellil, PhD, JD
Spina Bifida Community-Centered Research Agenda Update – Brad Dicianno, MD, Alexander Van Speybroeck, MD
Using the Medical Coding System for Better Reimbursement – Peter Rappo, MD