SB-YOU is our signature online education program for, about, and by adults with Spina Bifida. The webinar sessions are free of charge and can be viewed live on the day of the session, or anytime by accessing our SB-YOU session archive (see below).

SB-YOU sessions are presented in a conversational style by health care professionals or researchers and adults with Spina Bifida who have personal experience with the topic. The presenters offer practical information, tips, and suggestions that are attainable and within reach, followed by a question and answer segment with panelists and attendees.

Topics covered by SB-YOU include:

  • Sexual health
  • Living Independently
  • Employment
  • Becoming a mother or father with Spina Bifida
  • How to communicate with your health care provider

Coming soon!

November 4, 2019: Bowel Management Questions and AnswersRegister here!

Date TBD: How to Choose an Insurance Provider and Write an Appeal Letter