NewsOct 2, 2019

Spina Bifida Association Announces Clinic Care Partner Program

The Spina Bifida Association has introduced a new initiative inviting clinics to be recognized as Clinic Care Partners. The Spina Bifida Association (SBA) Clinic Care Partner program is an innovative new program that stems from the existing Spina Bifida Collaborative Care Network (SBCCN), a program that works to identify the needs of people with Spina Bifida, connect with health care providers, identify clinics with the best outcomes, and identify research priorities.  

Clinics who become SBA Clinic Care Partners implement best practices so that people with Spina Bifida receive the best care possible in order to have fulfilling lives. 

This program partnership is based on 10 standards that were developed based on the experiences of similar conditions, input from our community, and literature about Spina Bifida. 

Clinics designated as SBA Clinic Care Partners will have the opportunity to collaborate with other providers and SBA, and to share ideas with a national network of providers that have also been recognized as SBA Clinic Care Partners.

Applications are due November 30, 2019. The Partner designation, which last for a period of four years, will be announced in January 2020. Partner recognition may be renewed every four years with an update of the application response in two years. Click here for the application.