SB Connect

SB Connect groups foster meaningful connections among people and families impacted by Spina Bifida in local communities that are unserved or underserved by other Spina Bifida support organizations. Facilitated by volunteer members of the Spina Bifida community, SB Connect groups are free of cost and inclusive to the entire intergenerational community.

Currently, due to the pandemic, these programs are operating entirely virtual. Now is a great time to discover others in your area who are also looking to build community.

Existing SB Connect groups
How to start an SB Connect group

We have found SB Connect groups work well when a community has the following:

  1. A known population of people impacted by Spina Bifida who are interested in connecting and building community in a reasonable geographic area (driving distance).
    1. Do you already know a few individuals or families in your area who would be interested? Are there local programs or events, such as adaptive sports, where you could identify others who may want to join an SB Connect group?
    2. SB Connect groups may also be started in a state or region where there is an SBA chapter or other Spina Bifida support organization but there are few local programs.
  2. A dedicated volunteer who wants to facilitate the group
    1. Facilitators are critical to the success of SB Connect groups. They organize meet-ups and ensure their groups are active and sustainable. Wondering if you’d be a good fit? View this document to see the overview of an SB Connect Facilitator.
    2. Facilitators receive training and ongoing support from the SB Connect steering group and other facilitators.

If you’re interested in starting an SB Connect in your area and believe you or someone you know would be a good facilitator, please fill out this form

Do you have a local Chapter?

Double check to see if you already have a local Spina Bifida community that's waiting to connect with you!