Bowel Management

A key goal of bowel management is to give the child good social continence- especially during school hours.

A key goal of bowel management is for the child to have effective continence in social settings — especially during school hours. To reach this goal, there must be collaboration between the family and caregivers and school staff. It must also be clearly understood that children acquire this skill at varying ages due to differences in their level of paralysis, balance, fine motor control abilities, body shape, and cognitive development.

Although social continence may seem overwhelming at first, it will soon become part of the daily routine. This information sheet outlines:

  • The goals of bowel management
  • What to do when soiling occurs
  • How to manage bowel incontinence

This information does not constitute medical advice for any individual. As special cases may vary from the general information presented here, SBA advises readers to consult a qualified medical or other professional on an individual basis.



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