StoriesOct 9, 2020

Spina Bifida Awareness Month – Taylor Thomas

“My daughter’s name is Taylor Thomas and she is 8 years old.
I went for my 2nd trimester screening by myself, I actually moved my date up a week because my oldest son had a cold and I ended up taking off from work. I thought I would surprise my husband with the sex of the baby.
I get to my appointment, I was 17 weeks along, I remember the ultrasound taking over an hour, I actually fell asleep. The tech asked me if my doctor was concerned about my iron or had raised any concerns about my pregnancy. By the end of the appointment, I found out we were having a girl. I was super excited. My grandmother had passed away earlier that year and we said we’re going to name our baby after her if it was a girl.
I stopped at our local Hallmark store to buy my husband “it’s a girl” card and I brought my mother “it’s a girl” balloon. I get to my mother’s house to pick up my son and share the news. My mom sees the balloons and starts crying tears of joy. While she is celebrating, I start receiving calls from a blocked number. By the third or fourth call, I finally answered. It felt like time stood still. The doctor tells me he received notification that I got an ultrasound and there appeared to be severe brain and spinal damage.
The baby appeared to have Myelomeningocele and he recommended having a medical abortion because the baby would have a poor quality of life. It was like all the air left my body. I did the worst thing ever and I went to Google. It was like every picture that popped up confirmed what he said. I called my husband and asked him to come straight home from work. When he came home I shared the news with him and I will never forget his simple words, “this doesn’t change anything, we still will love them.” He was so sure and strong.
I was trying to process why this would happen to us. I spent most of my night crying and searching the internet and I came across this blog about a little boy named Grayson. He had Spina Bifida. He was the cutest little boy I had ever seen and had a bright smile. I knew that in that moment that we were going to be okay. I don’t think any parent ever forgets their “D Day”. This journey has not been easy but I would do it all over again. Despite all of the challenges Taylor faces, she is amazing and her smile can warm the coldest heart. Taylor is my hero.” – Nickell Thomas, mother to Taylor