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All of Us Research Program – What is it? Why is it important? Why now?

All of Us Research Program Overview – How Can All of Us Make a Difference?

Too often, health care is one size fits all. Treatments meant for the “average” patient may not work well for individual people. All of Us is working to improve health care through research. Unlike research studies that focus on one disease or group of people, All of Us is building a diverse database that can inform thousands of studies on a variety of health conditions. This creates more opportunities to:

  • Know the risk factors for certain diseases
  • Figure out which treatments work best for people of different backgrounds
  • Connect people with the right clinical studies for their needs
  • Learn how technologies can help us take steps to be healthier.

No Research About Us Without Us

The disability community has historically been excluded from research studies. The All of Us Research Program wants to change that. All of Us honors the vision of “Nothing About Us Without Us” by inviting people with disabilities to contribute to research advancing individualized treatments and care for all.

The All of Us Research Program is helping to promote health equity and inclusion through this effort. These values are embedded in the program’s commitment to accessibility, data security, and community engagement. We invite you to learn more about how All of Us embodies a culture of access in our Inclusion Statement “No Research About Us Without Us”.

What makes the All of Us Research Program different?

  • With a goal of enrolling one million or more participants in the United States, All of Us is building one of the largest health databases of its kind.
  • The program is enrolling a large group of people that reflects the diversity of the United States. This includes people who haven’t taken part in or have been left out of health research before.
  • All of Us collects many types of data, including data from surveys, electronic health records, and blood and urine tests. Over time, participants may share data in new ways, using wearable fitness trackers and other technologies. This will help researchers get a more complete picture of factors that affect health and disease.
  • The initial plan for the program spans 10 years, but it may last even longer.
  • All of Us will share lessons about what works well with other research programs around the world.
  • All of Us aims to make it easy for a variety of researchers—from university professors to citizen scientists—to make discoveries using the program’s data. Multiple systems and processes keep data secure and participants’ personal information private.
  • Participants are partners in All of Us. Participant input is welcome on every aspect of the program to make it better. Participants will have full access to data they share and information about all research projects that use All of Us data.

Why All of Us? Why Now? (click to watch a short video)

Are You Ready to Shape the Future of Health?

So far, more than 650,000 people have joined the program. More than 80% of All of Us participants are from groups that have rarely been part of health research. Get involved.


El futuro de la salud comienza con usted

Actualmente, la atención médica que recibimos no toma en cuenta nuestras diferencias.

Pero imagine un futuro en el que la prevención, el tratamiento y la atención médica se adapten a USTED.

Ese futuro empieza con investigaciones científicas que nos incluyan a todos.

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