Blog PostsFeb 2, 2022

My Teal on the Hill Story

“I first went to Teal on the Hill in 2019, the last time it was in person. That first Teal on the Hill had a huge impact on me. It was one of the first times I felt like I could make, and was making a difference. It also gave me something else I didn’t know I needed at the time, a community of other people with Spina Bifida, like me.

That first year, I didn’t know anyone, they didn’t know me, and I was super shy. Three years later, coming up on my fourth Teal on the Hill, 3rd virtual, I am very involved with SBA, most recently through the Young Advocates committee and the Teal on the Hill Planning committee. I also attend as many Join The Conversation chats as I can and take any other opportunity that comes my way.

I have changed a lot in the last three years, and it’s all thanks to that first Teal on the Hill. When I first discovered my ability to make a difference, I felt a sense of accomplishment and importance. That continues every single year; the only difference is now I have a community of friends to share that feeling with.

I hope you will join me at SBA’s 5th (FIVE!!) annual TOTH and get to feel that sense of community, purpose, and accomplishment, and most importantly develop a passion for advocating for yourself and others.” – Charlotte Mountz, Adult with Spina Bifida

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