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Strong, Empowered & Independent: Tatiana’s Journey

Tatiana was born with Spina Bifida and has always used a catheter. She grew up using a walker, crutches, and a wheelchair for mobility and never considered herself different from anyone else. “I wanted to keep up with everyone else,” she says. “I didn’t see myself as the person who wasn’t included. I was going to find a way to be included.” She didn’t learn to self-catheterize until her mother told her she would have to learn if she wanted to go to sleepovers with her friends. “It was this whole medical procedure with a long catheter, lube, gloves, wipes. It was very intimidating,” Tatiana recalls of her training experience.

As an adult, Tatiana has an active lifestyle as an actress, model, and influencer. When Tatiana is out on projects for work, she carries extra supplies, which previously included long catheters. Catheterizing away from home raised hygiene concerns, and she also found it to be inconvenient. “I found it very frustrating to have to carry all these things,” she explains.

Tatiana discovered the SpeediCath® Compact Female catheter at an Abilities Expo, and she was immediately excited to try it. “I thought it was so cute because it was literally the size of a lipstick,” she comments. “It is small, compact, and designed for me as a woman.”  She liked that the catheter was easy to take with her, was already lubricated, and allowed a no-touch insertion. She notes, “It really made me feel empowered as an independent woman.”


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