Pediatric SB Clinic Transition Discharge Form

Pediatric Spina Bifida Clinic Transition Discharge Form

Are you or a young adult in your care preparing to leave a pediatric Spina Bifida clinic?

This detailed Pediatric SB Clinic Transition Form will help prepare and guide you through the transition process.

If you prefer to complete this Pediatric SB Clinic Transition Discharge Form in Microsoft Word, please click here. 

Do you need this information in Spanish? This Discharge Worksheet in Spanish is in a fillable PDF format. For a version in Microsoft Word, click here.

Our friends at Got Transition® have a great sample transfer letter your Spina Bifida care provider can use to write and share with your next care provider.

If your next health care provider needs more information about Spina Bifida, share with them this summary of Spina Bifida for Health Care Professionals.



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