2021 Impact Report

Look what we were able to do together! 

Here are just a few of our 2021 accomplishments…

  • Received over 1,500 Catheter Survey responses that are currently being used to advocate for health insurance companies to change catheter reimbursement policies.
  • Over 40 children took part in the first ever Virtual Kids Adventure Week. From adapted fitness sessions and toy boat building to a virtual scavenger hunt, this event provided a way for kids in the Spina Bifida community to connect with others during a time where the world went virtual. 
  • Expanded our Adapted Fitness Club providing a place for community members to get their body moving and help benefit their overall health through weekly classes and monthly wellness sessions.
  • Created nine “Spina Bifida: Your Guide to a Healthy Lifeguidelines, in English and Spanish, to help you better understand your health and arm health care professionals with accurate information when it comes to treating our community members.
  • Held over 70 congressional meetings with almost 200 Spina Bifida advocates across the country during Teal on the Hill. Advocates spent hours pushing for an increase in funding for the National Spina Bifida Patient Registry.
  • Successfully put a rest to the wheelchair accessory threat.
  • Launched a new Ask the Expert program which offered a new way for people to receive information and ask questions live to experts in the field.
  • Almost 300 clinicians from across the globe attended the first Spina Bifida Community-Centered Research Workshop. Breakout groups were created to dive into potential research topics that will better the lives of the Spina Bifida community.
  • Over 500 people attended the four SB-YOU webinars held throughout the year. SB-YOU is a webinar series created specifically for adults with Spina Bifida giving them a place to hear directly from experts.
  • Added 35 new Clinic Care Partners. These clinics meet 10 standards identified as best practices to care for people with Spina Bifida. These clinics have dedicated health care professionals who partner with people living with Spina Bifida and their families to provide expert care and help identify research priorities.
  • Provided support to seven research projects allowing our community voice and experiences to these projects compared to four projects in 2020.
  • Raised over $10,000 through our efforts during Spina Bifida Awareness Month.
  • But wait, there is more!

Cheers to successful 2022!