StoriesDec 2, 2019

Changing The Narrative: Danielle’s Story

“When I was growing up, I rarely saw anyone who looked like me in the movies, on television, or in magazines. If I did, it was typically in a sad and depressing way. It’s time that the world sees people with disabilities as people who can be interesting, vibrant, and important parts of society. 

I started my YouTube channel “Daniellability” and Instagram account @daniellability because I realized that I could start conversations about diversity and be a part of redefining disability. I want people to understand that they don’t need to shy away from or be uncomfortable around disabilities. I want to see disabilities included in conversations regarding diversity – in Hollywood, modeling, fashion, storytelling, etc. We in the disability community have the power to create this narrative. When we put ourselves out there and be brave and innovative, we create important conversations that can change people, industries, and cultures. Together, we can redefine how the world views people living with a disability.” – Danielle Marx, Adult with Spina Bifida 

Photography by Brandon Baker Photography