Advisory Councils & Committees

The Hispanidad Committee serves as a liaison between SBA and the Hispanic community to forge awareness of the concerns and needs that culturally impact Spanish-speaking Hispanic families and individuals living with Spina Bifida. The Hispanidad Committee is dedicated to voicing and advancing through an informed, community-based perspective on the issues related to Spina Bifida care that impact Hispanics living with SB in the nation.

The purpose of the committee is to gather voices from the Spina Bifida community who are well connected with the Hispanic community living with Spina Bifida in the U.S. In particular, those who predominantly speak Spanish, and thus may have greater challenges in terms of accessing reliable information about health care and social support.

We meet to:

  • provide insights on how to best communicate and share information effectively with Spanish-speaking Hispanics in the United States,
  •  identify relevant information for this community,
  • inform SBA about the unique needs of this community, and to
  • advise and make recommendations on current and future trends to maximize the accessibility of resources available to the Hispanic, Spanish-speaking community with Spina Bifida.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Hispanidad Committee, please contact Juanita Panlener.