Advisory Councils and Committees

The Parent Advisory Council serves as a critical community champion of
the Spina Bifida Association and all families within the Spina Bifida
community. Members of the Advisory Council share their gifts in service
to our mission by providing our organization with their expertise; their
diverse knowledge of constituent perspectives; their connections to local,
national or international resources, colleagues or peers; their
philanthropic support or other forms of needed assistance.

Advisory Council members should:

  • Be parents of someone with Spina Bifida and be familiar with SBA
    programs and services;
  • Be able to participate effectively in a collaborative group process,
    which requires the ability to listen to and work well with other Council
  • Be able to provide feedback in a respectful manner;
  • Be open to a diversity of ideas; and
  • Be able to keep required information confidential

It is expected that members of the Council will:

  • Perform their volunteering role to the best of their ability.
  • Abide by the SBA Operating Principles
  • Follow the SBA’s procedures and standards in relation to its staff, volunteers, and constituents.
  • Maintain the confidential information of the SBA and of its constituents.
  • Keep required or embargoed information confidential until such time as the SBA determines it should be shared.
  • Meet time commitments and standards agreed to and to give reasonable notice so other arrangements can be made when this is not possible.
  • Maintain an unwavering focus on the SBA’s mission and the people served.
  • Listen, analyze, and think strategically and creatively, and work well with people individually and in a group.
  • Consider multiple viewpoints about controversial issues and to communicate the SBA’s perspective effectively with members and stakeholders.
  • Have a willingness and ability to prepare for and attend meetings, and engage effectively and responsibly in discussions.
  • Act in significant ways to support the SBA’s mission.
  • Keep informed about plans, activities, and needs of the SBA.
  • Support the SBA’s messages as articulated by its staff and/or Board of Directors.
  • Allow the SBA to publicize Council member name and participation on the Council.
Does this sound like you? Apply to join this Advisory Committee for the 2021-22 term. 
Please note, this is a VOLUNTEER council. All members who serve on this council are volunteers.


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